Portland Then & Now

Old photos of Portland, rephotographed in 2012/2013 by The Oregonian. We’ll be posting new photos weekly throughout the summer. To submit your own photo, message us on Facebook.

  1. Council Crest, 1925. At 1,071 feet Council Crest park in SW Portland has a 360 degree view. On a clear day you can see majestic mountains, vast stretches of land and rivers. Memorial Day in 1907 Council Crest Amusement Park opened. There was a Scenic Railway (roller coaster) and the Columbia River Water Log Ride, which encircled the park. After several seasons of failing revenues and the nation heading into a depression the park closed on Labor Day in 1929. Photo taken by Delano Photographics aerial, ca. 1925, courtesy Ken Hawkins.  

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