Portland Then & Now

Old photos of Portland, rephotographed in 2012/2013 by The Oregonian. We’ll be posting new photos weekly throughout the summer. To submit your own photo, message us on Facebook.

  1. Holladay Park was the site of the 1960 Rose Festival center. This four-block park had about the same usable area as the South Park Blocks in years past.

    Today, Holladay park at NE 11th Ave & Holladay St is across from the Lloyd Center.

    Published May 15, 2013   ♥ 16
  2. November 11, 1953: The two story building known as the Enke Dye Works property at SE Union avenue and Ash street was purchased by the Salvation Army as an addition to its rehabilitation center. 

    The Salvation Army adult rehabilitation center at 139 SE MLK Blvd. moved from this location in 2010 to a new 120 bed residential facility located at 6855 NE 82nd. The property is now in escrow.

    Published May 8, 2013   ♥ 3
  3. In November 1943, the first of ninety-six Parkrose neighborhood street signs was restored by a committee of the chamber of commerce.

    Today, at the corner of 109th and N.E. Skidmore, the neighborhood still has a rural feel to it.

    Published May 1, 2013   ♥ 3
  4. 1938 marked the completion of the new Portland stage terminal at SW Fifth avenue and Taylor street. The Greyhound depot moved to Union Station in 1985.

    This corner now serves commuters with Tri-Met buses and light rail, and is home to a Star Park garage.

    Published Apr 24, 2013   ♥ 5
  5. Portland, Oregon during the historic June 1894 flood. The Hallock & McMillan Building, at left, still stands and is the oldest commercial building in the city, having been built when Oregon was still a territory. The iron façade was removed in the 1940s and the building’s brick was covered with stucco in the 1950s. The middle building, the Fechheimer & White Building, also survived. Both are quiet reminders of the former architectural glory that was Front Avenue. Location: west side of Front Ave/Naito Parkway at Oak Street.

    October 2012, Portland, Oregon. Location: west side of Front Ave/Naito Parkway at Oak Street.

    Published Apr 18, 2013   ♥ 20
  6. September 21, 1952. The location of the new West Hills high school (now Wilson high school) at Southwest Burlingame and Capitol highway.

    Published Aug 30, 2012   ♥ 8
  7. A 1940s aerial shot of downtown Portland.  Note the parking lot where the Portland Hilton Hotel is now.

    Published Aug 29, 2012   ♥ 119
  8. Bernard Airport in Beaverton, fenced in by industry and housing developments in the 1960s. Today, this is the site of Cedar Hills Crossing. 

    Published Aug 24, 2012   ♥ 7
  9. Looking west up Southwest Alder.

    Published Aug 23, 2012   ♥ 6
  10. Southwest Second and Alder.

    Published Aug 17, 2012   ♥ 12
  11. SW Jefferson street, 1880.

    On the back of the photo is a letter dated December 23, 1939.

    Dear Harold.

    My Father made his hats’ on Jefferson Street.  14th and 15th from 1862 until 1874 his store untill 1866 - 1874 was there next to Bailey’s Grocery Store.  Ira Powers was across the Street with his furniture store.  Papa was the first hat maker to settle here then he brought Butler, Miesdoffer & Woods here.  Butler was also a journyman hat maker, Miesdoffer & Woods were hat salesmen.  For the coming year I wish you with Mrs. Pardine and your daughter peace, confort, health, happiness & susnshine.

    Cordially James Walker

    Published Aug 15, 2012   ♥ 1
  12. SW 6th Ave. at Jefferson St. circa 1967.

    Published Aug 7, 2012   ♥ 7
  13. A corner of SW Fourth and Alder, 1880.

    Published Jul 17, 2012   ♥ 7
  14. Poultry and game lined the exterior of a market at Southwest First Avenue and Ankeny Street in the late 1800s. 

    Published Jul 10, 2012   ♥ 3
  15. Aerial of Cedar Hills in 1958. This neighborhood is near Bernard’s airport, which today is Cedar Hills Crossing.

    Published Jul 5, 2012   ♥ 9